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Vassilios Antonakos was born in Athens. Art had always been an alternative way to express himself even since he was a child. He attended the Vakalo Art & Design College and then he continued his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Mostly being a self -taught artist with a wide range of work in painting, sculpting and stage design.

Personal exhibition took place in 2013 in Red Dot in Athens.
Group exhibition in Lavrio 2014.
Group exhibition in London 18-11 2016.
Group exhibition in Thessaloniki 5-9 2017.
Group exhibition in London 18-11 2016.
Group exhibition in Patmos 17-9 2017.
Group exhibition in Beirut 15-9 2017.
Group exhibition in Athens Monastiraki 2017.
Group exhibition in London 16-10 2017.
Personal exhibition Athen Kypseli street Cycladon 4-10 2017.
Personal exhibition in Mykonos August 10-15 2018.
Persolal exhibition in Paros 5-15 august 2018.
Persolal exhibition in Athens Golden hall gallery 17-27 march 2018.
Group exhibition in Athens Glyfada 22-31 2018.
Personal exhibition in Cyprus Limassol 4-11-2018.
Personal exhibition in Cyprus Nicosia 5-11-2018.
Vassilios Antonakos
Contemporary artist
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